Journals and Other Serials

The Research Library currently receives by subscription and exchange some 700 international serial titles covering all areas of natural history. Several significant complete or very long runs of both standard and obscure journals are included, such as Curtis's Botanical Magazine, v. 1 (1787) to present, Journal of Natural History (previously Annals and Magazine of Natural History) (1829+), Proceedings of Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (1841+), Ibis (1859+), Proceedings of California Academy of Sciences (1858+), Proceedings of Zoological Society of London (1861+), Proceedings of Linnean Society of New South Wales (1875+), Auk (1884+), Fieldiana: Botany, Fieldiana: Zoology and Fieldiana: Geology (1895+), as well as Emory's United States and Mexican Boundary Surveys (Vol. 1- 4, 1857). To check for a particular title in our serials holdings, search under "Title" at