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Philip Unitt, Curator, is a specialist in subspecies identification of California birds and author of The San Diego County Bird Atlas, The Birds of San Diego County and editor of Western Birds, the regional journal of ornithology for western North America.

Dr. Lori Hargrove, Post-doctoral Researcher, specializes in bird monitoring and ecological analyses.

Scott Tremor, Mammalogist, specializes in surveying for and identifying southern California mammals. He holds permits to capture California Species of Special Concern as well as federally endangered species. He is the principal editor of the San Diego County Mammal Atlas

Drew Stokes, Field Biologist, specializes in surveys for bats and herpetofauna, and is generally familiar with the vertebrates and invertebrates of southern California. Permitted for the capture and handling of bats and the federally endangered Arroyo toad. Highly experienced with the acoustic identification of bat echolocation calls. A contributing author to the San Diego County Mammal Atlas.  

Genie Fleming, Field Biologist

Anthony Harper, Field Biologist

Thomas Myers, Field Biologist

Lea Squires, Field Biologist

Research Associates

Susan Arter, Research Associate, is a specialist in the identification and analysis of animal skeletal remains from archaeological sites.

Kevin B. Clark, Departmental Associate, conducts surveys and monitoring programs for species of conservation concern, including endangered birds, mammals, reptiles, and invertebrates. He holds permits to nest search, monitor, and band rare and endangered passerines, shorebirds, and seabirds. Email:

Dr. James Diffendorfer

Mr. William T. Everett

Dr. Marilyn Fogel      

Dr. Jeffrey L. Lincer      

Samantha Marcum                                                             

Dr. Eric Mellink, Ecología de Fauna Silvestre, CICESE Web page: ~emellink/

Dr. Michael A. Patten

Dr. Matt Rahn

Dr. Amadeo M. Rea

Dr. Aaron Sasson

Christopher Swarth

Dr. Wayne Spencer

Dr. Howard Thomas




Volunteers in the Birds and Mammals Department assist with many tasks associated with maintaining the extensive collection. This includes specimen preparation, assembling and numbering skeletons, entering records in the Department's database, and checking the collection for pest activity. The Department prefers volunteers with a science background and openings are limited. You must be at least 18 years of age. If you are interested in this or other volunteer opportunities, please complete an  online application. The Director of Volunteers will contact you to schedule an interview or invite you to an introduction to the Museum.