Department and PaleoServices

Thomas A. Deméré, Ph.D.
Curator, Department of Paleontology
Director, PaleoServices

Nicolle Anderson
Lead Fossil Preparator

Richard A. Cerutti
Paleontological Specialist III

John L. Pfanner
Paleontological Specialist III

Christopher S. Plouffe
Paleontological Specialist II

Kesler A. Randall
Collections Manager - Fossil Vertebrates

Bradford O. Riney
Paleontological Specialist III

Mark A. Roeder 
Curatorial Assistant

Patrick J. Sena
Paleontological Specialist III

Sarah A. Siren 
Paleontological Field Manager

Melissa K. Soetaert 
Office/Curatorial Manager

Donald R. Swanson 
Paleontological Specialist II

Stephen L. Walsh, deceased

Research Associates

Dr. J. David Archibald 
Department of Biology 
San Diego State University

Dr. Annalisa Berta 
Department of Biology 
San Diego State University

Dr. Michelangelo Bisconti 
Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra 
Università di Pisa

Ian D. Browne 
Oklahoma State University 
Center For Health Science

Dr. Robert Chandler 
Georgia College & State University 
Milledgeville, GA

Dr. Paul C. Murphey 
SWCA Environmental Consultants, Intermountain West 
Rocky Mountain Paleontology

Dr. Donald R. Prothero 
Department of Geology 
Occidental College

Dr. Hugh M. Wagner 
San Diego, CA

Dr. Eric Ekdale 
Department of Biology 
San Diego State University

Departmental Associates

Patricia Don Vito 
San Diego, CA

Carol Stadum 
Carlsbad, CA


Volunteers in the Paleontology Department assist with many tasks associated with maintaining the extensive collection. This includes fossil preparation, numbering fossil invertebrates, micropicking for hidden treasures, organizing the collection, and entering records in the Department's database, and checking the collection for pest activity. If you are interested in this or other volunteer opportunities, please complete an online application. The Director of Volunteers will contact you to schedule an interview or invite you to an orientation.