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SWOT Technology Committee Report

Internal Strengths and Weaknesses

  1. Technological infrastructure of new building.
  2. Hardware: a networked computer on every desk.
  3. The ability to start "fresh" with future permanent exhibits and distance learning at a time of technological advancement.
  4. Significant number of staff willing to adapt to technological change; leadership of the Technology Committee.
  5. The Museum's website.


  1. Lack of technological expertise; both the technology staff, and the ability of staff to use technology.
  2. Inadequate budget to maintain proper levels of hardware and software.
  3. Thin on "visionaries" for technology use and growth. Will we be constantly catching up, instead of on the leading edge?
  4. Lack of an integrated, sophisticated collections database.
  5. Lack of a master plan that supports overall museum data integration; lack of someone in authority to implement.

Main Opportunities and Threats


  1. Advances in technology.
  2. Potential for distance learning, outreach, and satellite facilities.
  3. San Diego as a tourist destination.


  1. Economic downturn, with reduced federal funding and private donations.
  2. Increase in cost and decrease in availability of energy.
  3. Ability to survive and recover from natural and social disasters.

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