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2001-2002 Calendar

JULY 31, 2001

I. Where we are now and how we got here

  1. Recap of the results of the 1992-2002 Full Circle Strategic plan
  2. Revisit our present Mission, Purpose and Vision
  3. Revisit our present positioning and niches
  4. Our key values and culture
  5. Our organization structure (board, committees, volunteers, staff)

SEPTEMBER 25, 2001

  1. Backcast
  2. Critical Factors for Success
  3. Our main internal strengths and weaknesses

II. Our primary constituencies

NOVEMBER 20, 2001

III. Assumptions about the external environment

  1. Main external opportunities and threats

IV. Where we want to go and how we're going to get there together

  1. Core challenges in 2002-2012
  2. Forming a Vision for Future

JANUARY 15, 2002

  1. Revisit our Mission and Vision for the future
  2. Our Key Result Areas (KRA)
  3. Objectives in the KRAs
  4. Strategies for achieving the objectives
  5. KRA task forces for Action Planning

APRIL 23, 2001

Presentation of Action Plans with Resource Requirements and Cost/Benefit Analyses

JUNE 11, 2002

Final review of Action Plans

Steps IV-7 through IV-11 of Plan for Planning

Preparation for presentation of 2012 Strategic Plan to the Board of Directors

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