San Diego Natural History Museum--Your Nature ConnectionDead Sea Scrolls exhibition

June 29, 2007 – January 6, 2008
Dead Sea Scrolls

Presented by Joan and Irwin Jacobs

The Dead Sea Scrolls are our bridge to a period that laid the foundation of western traditions, beliefs and practices throughout the past two millennia.

The San Diego Natural History Museumís exhibition, Dead Sea Scrolls, was the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of Dead Sea Scrolls ever assembled. Twenty-four Dead Sea Scrolls, ten exhibited for the first time ever, were displayed over the course of the exhibition. The Scrolls on display included the oldest manuscript containing the Ten Commandments and a section of the Copper Scroll, the only scroll written on copper.

The Dead Sea Scrolls, objects of great mystery, intrigue and significance, are widely acknowledged to be among the greatest archaeological treasures ever discovered. The scrolls link us to the ancient Middle East and to the formative years of Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity.

The exhibition included:

  • Authentic Dead Sea Scrolls, fully interpreted with translation of text and background information
  • Ancient, illuminated manuscripts from the Russian National Library, Ethiopia, and other sources
  • Contemporary illuminated manuscripts from the Saint John’s Bible
  • Authentic artifacts and original excavation equipment
  • Panoramic photography
  • Ancient Qumran: A Virtual Reality Tour
  • Details about the scientific exploration of the Scrolls

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