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Michael Wall, Ph.D.
Director of the Biodiversity Research Center of the Californias

2005 – 2009 | 2010


November: Darwin: The Man Behind the Theory

October: Fossil Discoveries In Downtown San Diego - Part II

September: Fossil Discoveries In Downtown San Diego - Part I

July/August: Baja California: the Floristic Frontier Meets the Electronic Frontier

June: Citizen Scientists Documenting Climate Change

May: Hungry for Local Food?

April: A Race Against Time: BioBlitz

March: New Slide, Old Fossils

February: The Cockles Of Your Heart

December/January: Mapping Your World

2008 Field Notes Archive

November: Water and Life

October: Water Loss: A Necessary Evil for Plants–Part 2

September: Water Loss: A Necessary Evil for Plants–Part 1

July/August: Learning to Swim

June: San Jacinto Centennial Resurvey

May: Isla Rasa: Seabird Grand Central

April: Volcanoes of San Diego County

March: Pompeii: Death Warns Pompeians to Live

Art for the Ages: New Murals offer a glimpse of the Pacific Coast's extinct ecosystems.

February: Pompeii: City Of Risk And Prosperity

December/January: Citizen Science

2007 Field Notes Archive

November: San Diego County Plant Atlas

October: Connecting the World One Insect at a Time

September: Ideas into Action

July/August: Science of the Dead Sea Scrolls

June: Dead Sea Scrolls

May: Give those Dinosaurs Some Air!

April: Peacemaking, Naturally

March: Winds of Change

February: Tell-tale Teeth

December/January: Bovine Sirens

2006 Field Notes Archive

November: Illustrating Fossils — A Trip Back in Time from the Rare Book Room

October: Lynett Gillette: Point Person for Tough Decisions

September: Melli, the Model Guy

July-August: Evolution of an Exhibition: Part Two

June: Evolution of an Exhibition: Part One

May: Going Back in Time — Through the Eyes of an Artist

April: Dr. Exequiel Ezcurra Nominated As Pew Fellow

March: Arachnophobes not allowed!

February: Genomic Biodiversity

December/January: Fossil Insects and Crustaceans

2005 Field Notes Archive

November: A Thousand Words

October: Gulf of California Listed as World Heritage Site

September: Stalking the Wild and Winged

June: California Shells

May: Backyard Mysteries, Snakes in the Urban Interface

April: Desert in Bloom

March: Growing Chocolate the "Natural" Way*

February: After the Fires, Bird Recovery in San Diego County

January: Beautiful but Bad: Pretty Plant Pests

* Not available.