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Michael Wall, Ph.D.
Director of the Biodiversity Research Center of the Californias

Biodiversity Research Center of the Californias Honorary Appointments

Honorary appointments are awarded to individuals who contribute to the San Diego Natural History Museumís research and collections activities. There are four types of honorary appointments in the Biodiversity Research Center of the Californias (BRCC): Curator Emeritus, Research Associate, Departmental Associate, and Field Associate. These uncompensated appointment terms are for two years and terminate at the end of June of the second year of the appointment, and are subject to renewal for additional terms. Appointees are committed to upholding the SDNHM Ethics Policy, Collections Policy and corresponding departmental policies. Candidates are nominated and selected through an internal process.

Curator Emeritus
The title of Curator Emeritus will be used for a retired curator of the San Diego Natural History Museum who wishes to maintain an active research program.
Research Associate
The title of Research Associate will be used for a person of recognized scientific standing who is actively engaged in original research that contributes to the program of a research department of the Museum.
Departmental Associate
The title of Departmental Associate will be used for a person who contributes to the Museumís collection and research program in a significant way or who lends prestige to the Museum.
Field Associate
The title of Field Associate will be used for a person who is assisting a scientific department with field work or who is collecting specimens for the research collections.

Ms. Susan ArterBirds and MammalsResearch Associate
Dr. James E. DiffendorferBirds and MammalsResearch Associate
Dr. Jeffrey L. LincerBirds and MammalsResearch Associate
Dr. Eric MellinkBirds and MammalsResearch Associate
Dr. Michael A. PattenBirds and MammalsResearch Associate
Dr. Matt RahnBirds and MammalsResearch Associate
Dr. Amadeo M. ReaBirds and MammalsResearch Associate
Dr. Wayne D. SpencerBirds and MammalsResearch Associate
Ms. Suzanne BondBirds and MammalsDepartmental Associate
Dr. Reid MoranBotany Curator Emeritus
Dr. Josť Delgadillo RodriguezBotany Research Associate
Dr. Anne FegeBotany Research Associate
Dr. Richard S. FelgerBotany Research Associate
Dr. Josť Luis Leůn de la LuzBotany Research Associate
Dr. Michael S. MayerBotany Research Associate
Dr. Michael G. SimpsonBotany Research Associate
Mr. Jim DiceBotany Departmental Associate
Mr. Roderick DosseyBotany Departmental Associate
Ms. Annette WinnerBotany Departmental Associate.
Mr. Larry HendricksonBotany Field Associate
Ms. Jerilyn HirshbergBotany Field Associate
Dr. Robert C. VintonBotany Field Associate
Dr. Paisley CatoCollections Care Research Associate
Dr. John BrownEntomology Research Associate
Dr. Robert C. DalgleishEntomology Research Associate
Mr. David K. FaulknerEntomology Research Associate
Dr. Marshal C. HedinEntomology Research Associate
Dr. Tomas M. MustelinEntomology Research Associate
Mr. James BerrianEntomology Departmental Associate
Mr. Matthew GrahamEntomology Departmental Associate
Mr. Ron McPeakEntomology Departmental Associate
Ms. Daniela E. Ramirez C.Entomology Departmental Associate
Dr. Charles CrumlyHerpetology Research Associate
Dr. Lee GrismerHerpetology Research Associate
Dr. William PreschHerpetology Research Associate
Mr. Clark MahrdtHerpetology Departmental Associate
Mr. Richard SchwenkmeyerHerpetology Departmental Associate
Mr. Angelo Soto-CentenoHerpetology Departmental Associate
Mr. Dustin WoodHerpetology Departmental Associate
Ms. Carol BarsiLibrary Librarian Emeritus
Dr. Reed PierceLibrary Departmental Associate
Dr. Joel MartinMarine Invertebrates Research Associate
Mrs. Carole M. HertzMarine Invertebrates Departmental Associate
Mr. Larry LovellMarine Invertebrates Departmental Associate
Mrs. Barbara W. MyersMarine Invertebrates Departmental Associate
Dr. Michael J. WalawenderMineralogy Research Associate
Ms. Pamela BruderMineralogy Departmental Associate
Dr. J. David ArchibaldPaleontology Research Associate
Dr. Annalisa BertaPaleontology Research Associate
Dr. Michelangelo BiscontiPaleontology Research Associate
Dr. Robert M. ChandlerPaleontology Research Associate
Dr. Paul C. MurpheyPaleontology Research Associate
Dr. Donald R. ProtheroPaleontology Research Associate
Dr. Hugh M. WagnerPaleontology Research Associate
Ms. H. Patricia Don VitoPaleontology Departmental Associate
Ms. Sarah SirenPaleontology Departmental Associate
Ms. Carol StadumPaleontology Departmental Associate

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