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Reptiles of Baja California
and Nearby Islands in the Gulf of California and Pacific Ocean

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Introduced species are marked with an asterisk (*).
Insular endemics are indicated with an (IE).
Species found only on Sonoran Islands in the Gulf of California (SON).

Two-legged Worm Lizards: Family Biporidae
Mole Lizard Bipes biporus

Anguid Lizards: Family Anguidae
Baja California Legless Lizard Anniella geronimensis
California Legless Lizard Anniella pulchra
Cedros Island Alligator Lizard Elgaria cedronensis
Southern Alligator Lizard Elgaria multicarinata
San Martin Island Alligator Lizard Elgaria multicarinata ignava (IE)
Los Coronados Island Alligator Lizard Elgaria multicarinata nana (IE)
San Lucan Alligator Lizard Elgaria paucicarinata
Crotaphytid Lizards: Family Crotaphytidae
Dickerson's Collared Lizard Crotaphytus dickersonae (SON)
Grismer's Collared Lizard Crotaphytus grismeri
Angel Island Black-collared Lizard Crotaphytus insularis (IE)
Baja California Collared Lizard Crotaphytus vestigium
Cope's Leopard Lizard Gambelia copei
Long-nosed Leopard Lizard Gambelia wislizenii
Eyelid Geckos: Family Eublepharidae
San Marcos Island Barefoot Gecko Coleonyx gypsicolus (IE)
Switak's Banded Gecko Coleonyx switaki
Western Banded Gecko Coleonyx variegatus
Geckos: Family Gekkonidae
Common House Gecko Hemidactylus frenatus*
Santa Catalina Island Leaf-toed Gecko Phyllodactylus bugastrolepis (IE)
Partida Norte Island Leaf-toed Gecko Phyllodactylus partitus (IE)
Sonoran Leaf-toed Gecko Phyllodactylus homolepidurus (SON)
San Lucan Gecko Phyllodactylus unctus
Peninsular Leaf-toed Gecko Phyllodactylus xanti
Santa Margarita Island Leaf-toed Gecko Phyllodactylus xanti zweifeli (IE)
Iguanid Lizards: Family Iguanidae
San Esteban Island Spinytail Iguana Ctenosaura conspicuousa (IE, SON)
Peninsular Spinytail Iguana Ctenosaura hemilopha
San Pedro Nolasco Island Spinytail Iguana Ctenosaura nolascenensis (IE, SON)
Santa Catalina Island Desert Iguana Dipsosaurus catalinensis (IE)
Desert Iguana Dipsosaurus dorsalis
Common Chuckwalla Sauromalus ater
Spiny Chuckwalla Sauromalus hispidus (IE)
Klauber's Chuckwalla Sauromalus klauberi (IE)
Slevin's Chuckwalla Sauromalus slevini (IE)
San Esteban Island Chuckwalla Sauromalus varius (IE, SON)
Phrynosomatid Lizards: Family Phrynosomatidae
Zebra-tailed Lizard Callisurus draconoides
Banded Rock Lizard Petrosaurus mearnsi
Shortnose Rock Lizard Petrosaurus repens
Slevin's Banded Rock Lizard Petrosaurus slevini (IE)
San Lucan Rock Lizard Petrosaurus thalassinus
Coast Horned Lizard Phrynosoma coronatum
Flat-tailed Horned Lizard Phrynosoma mcallii
Desert Horned Lizard Phrynosoma platyrhinos
Regal Horned Lizard Phrynosoma solare (SON)
Santa Cruz Island Sator Sceloporus angustus (IE)
Clark's Spiny Lizard Sceloporus clarkii (SON)
Cerralvo Island Sator Sceloporus grandaevus (IE)
Hunsaker's Spiny Lizard Sceloporus hunsakeri
Cape Spiny Lizard Sceloporus licki
Santa Catalina Island Spiny Lizard Sceloporus lineatulus (IE)
Desert Spiny Lizard Sceloporus magister
Western Fence Lizard Sceloporus occidentalis
Granite Spiny Lizard Sceloporus orcutti
Southern Sagebrush Lizard Sceloporus vandenburgianus
Baja California Spiny Lizard Sceloporus zosteromus
Sonoran Desert Fringe-toed Lizard Uma notata
Long-tailed Brush Lizard Urosaurus graciosus
Baja California Brush Lizard Urosaurus lahtelai
Black-tailed Brush Lizard Urosaurus nigricaudus (U. microscutatus)
Ornate Tree Lizard Urosaurus ornatus (SON)
San Lorenzo Islands Side-blotched Lizard Uta antiqua (IE)
Enchanted Side-blotched Lizard Uta encantadae (IE)
Dead Side-blotched Lizard Uta lowei (IE)
San Pedro Nolasco Side-blotched Lizard Uta nolascensis (IE, SON)
San Pedro Martir Side-blotched Lizard Uta palmeri (IE, SON)
Santa Catalina Island Side-blotched Lizard Uta squamata (IE)
Common Side-blotched Lizard Uta stansburiana
San Benito Islands Side-blotched Lizard Uta stellata (IE)
Swollen-nosed Side-blotched Lizard Uta tumidarostra (IE)
Skinks: Family Scincidae
Gilbert's Skink Eumeces gilberti
San Lucan Skink Eumeces lagunensis
Western Skink Eumeces skiltonianus
Teiid Lizards: Family Teiidae
San Pedro Nolasco Island Whiptail Cnemidophorus bacatus (IE, SON)
Salsipuedes Island Whiptail Cnemidophorus canus (IE)
Carmen Island Blue-throated Whiptail Cnemidophorus carmenensis (IE)
Santa Catalina Island Whiptail Cnemidophorus catalinensis (IE)
San Jose Island Whiptail Cnemidophorus celeripes (IE)
Cerralvo Island Whiptail Cnemidophorus ceralbensis (IE)
San Jose Island Blue-throated Whiptail Cnemidophorus danheimae (IE)
Espiritu Santo Island Orange-throated Whiptail Cnemidophorus espiritensis (IE)
San Francisco Island Blue-throated Whiptail Cnemidophorus franciscensis (IE)
Orange-throated Whiptail Cnemidophorus hyperythrus
Baja California Whiptail Cnemidophorus labialis
San Pedro Martir Island Whiptail Cnemidophorus martyris (IE, SON)
Monserrate Island Blue-throated Whiptail Cnemidophorus pictus (IE)
Tiger Whiptail Cnemidophorus tigris
Cedros Island Whiptail Cnemidophorus tigris multiscutatus (IE)
South Coronado Island Whiptail Cnemidophorus tigris vividus (IE)
Night Lizards: Family Xantusiidae
Granite Night Lizard Xantusia henshawi
Desert Night Lizard Xantusia vigilis
Baja California Night Lizard Xantusia vigilis gilberti
Boas: Family Boidae
Rosy Boa Lichanura trivirgata
Colubrid Snakes: Family Colubridae
Glossy Snake Arizona elegans
Peninsular Glossy Snake Arizona pacata
Baja California Ratsnake Bogertophis rosaliae
Western Shovel-nosed Snake Chionactis occipitalis
Banded Sandsnake Chilomeniscus cinctus
Espiritu Santo Island Sandsnake Chilomeniscus punctatissimus (IE)
Cerralvo Island Sandsnake Chilomeniscus savagei (IE)
Bandedless Sandsnake Chilomeniscus stramineus
Ring-necked Snake Diadophis punctatus
Todas Santos Island Ring-necked Snake Diadophis punctatus anthonyi
San Marcos Island Nightsnake Eridiphas marcosensis (IE)
Baja California Nightsnake Eridiphas slevini
Partida Norte Island Nightsnake Hypsiglena gularis (IE)
Nightsnake Hypsiglena torquata
San Martin Island Nightsnake Hypsiglena torquata martinensis (IE)
Cedros Island Nightsnake Hypsiglena torquata baueri (IE)
Santa Catalina Island Kingsnake Lampropeltis catalinensis (IE)
Common Kingsnake Lampropeltis getula
California Mountain Kingsnake Lampropeltis zonata
Todos Santos Island Mountain Kingsnake Lampropeltis herrerae (IE)
Baja California Striped Whipsnake Masticophis aurigulus
Espiritu Santo Island Striped Whipsnake Masticophis barbouri (IE)
Sonoran Whipsnake Masticophis bilineatus (SON)
Coachwhip Masticophis flagellum
Baja California Coachwhip Masticophis flagellum fuliginosus
Striped Racer Masticophis lateralis
San Esteban Island Whipsnake Masticophis slevini (IE, SON)
Leaf-nosed Snake Phyllorhynchus decurtatus
Gophersnake Pituophis catenifer
Los Coronados Island Gophersnake Pituophis catenifer coronalis (IE)
San Martin Island Gophersnake Pituophis catenifer fulginatus (IE)
Cedros Island Gophersnake Pituophis insulanus (IE)
Baja California Gophersnake Pituophis vertebralis
Etheridge's Long-nosed Snake Rhinocheilus etheridgei (IE)
Long-nosed Snake Rhinocheilus lecontei
Western Patch-nosed Snake Salvadora hexalepis
Groundsnake Sonora semiannulata
Western Black-headed Snake Tantilla planiceps
Terrestrial Gartersnake Thamnophis elegans
Two-striped Gartersnake Thamnophis hammondii
Checkered Gartersnake Thamnophis marcianus
Pacific Gartersnake Thamnophis validus
Western Lyresnake Trimorphodon biscutatus
Coralsnakes: Family Elapidae
Sonoran Coralsnake Micruroides euryxanthus (SON)
Seasnakes: Family Hydrophilidae
Yellow-bellied Seasnake Pelamis platurus
Threadsnakes: Family Leptotyphlopidae
Western Threadsnake Leptotyphlops humilis
Vipers and Pit Vipers: Family Viperidae
Angel Island Speckled Rattlesnake Crotalus angelensis (IE)
Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake Crotalus atrox
Santa Catalina Island Rattlesnake Crotalus catalinensis (IE)
Sidewinder Crotalus cerastes
Baja California Rattlesnake Crotalus enyo
San Esteban Island Rattlesnake Crotalus estebanensis (IE, SON)
Red Diamond Rattlesnake Crotalus exsul (= C. ruber)
San Lorenzo Island Rattlesnake Crotalus lorenzoensis (IE)
Speckled Rattlesnake Crotalus mitchellii
Black-tailed Rattlesnake Crotalus molossus (SON)
El Muerto Island Speckled Rattlesnake Crotalus muertensis (IE)
Tiger Rattlesnake Crotalus tigris (SON)
Tortuga Island Diamondback Rattlesnake Crotalus tortugensis (IE)
Western Rattlesnake Crotalus viridis
Los Coronados Island Rattlesnake Crotalus viridis caliginis (IE)

Seaturtles: Family Cheloniidae
Loggerhead Seaturtle Caretta caretta
Green Seaturtle Chelonia mydas
Hawksbill Seaturtle Eretmochelys imbricata
Olive Ridley Seaturtle Lepidochelys olivacea
Leatherback Seaturtles: Family Dermochelyidae
Leatherback Seaturtle Dermochelys coriacea
Water and Box Turtles: Family Emydidae
Pacific Pond Turtle Clemmys marmorata
Baja California Slider Trachemys scripta nebulosa
Land Tortoises: Family Testudinidae
Desert Tortoise Gopherus agassizii
Softshell Turtles: Family Trionychidae
Spiny Softshell Apalone spinifera


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