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April 8, 2010

Dogface Butterfly on spreading block, photo by dclark

Butterflies and Moths from the San Diego Natural History Museum

The Entomology collection holds over 900,000 labeled specimens, primarily of insects and arachnids, with small holdings of various other terrestrial invertebrate specimens. The collection is especially strong in Coleoptera (Beetles) and Lepidoptera (Butterflies/Moths), with smaller but important holdings of Diptera (Flies) and Neuroptera (Lacewings). Material is representative of San Diego County and Southern California, with additional specimens from the southwestern United States.

Of additional interest are the collections from northwestern Mexico, primarily Baja California, that have been added over much of the past 60 years. A smaller specialized collection containing insects of forensic importance is also available. Read more about the collection.

The Entomology Department is supported in part by the John A. Comstock Entomology Fund, and donations from The Sahan Daywi Foundation.

The department is under the care of Dr. Michael Wall, Curator of Entomology, with assistance from departmental associates. Dr. Wall joined the Museumís staff January 20, 2006.

Use Policy

Contact the Curator of Entomology, Dr. Michael Wall, at 619.255.0266 for inquiries concerning access to the collection.

Checklists and Related Information

If you want to learn more about the insects and arachnids of our region, see our Reference section for species checklists, essays, books recommended by our staff, and other resources on our own site. Checklists include:
Checklist of Butterflies of San Diego County
Checklist of the Spiders of San Diego County
Checklist of the Spiders of Baja California

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