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Checklist of the Vascular Plants of San Diego County
4th Edition

Environmental Listings


§Pogogyne abramsii J. Howell {SD 132862}
1B 2-3-3 CE / FE
1B = List code     2-3-3 = R-E-D code     CE / FE = State listing / Federal listing

Codes of California Native Plant Society Inventory (2001)
List Code
1A presumed extinct in California
1B rare, threatened, or endangered in California and elsewhere
2 rare, threatened, or endangered in California, but more common elsewhere
3 plants that lack the necessary information to assign them to other lists
4 plants of limited distribution

R-E-D code
R (Rarity)
1 rare but in sufficient numbers that the potential for extinction is low
2 distribution in a limited number of occurrences
3 distribution in highly restricted occurrences or present in small numbers
E (Endangerment)
1 not endangered
2 endangered in portion of range
3 endangered throughout range
D (Distribution)
1 more or less widespread outside California
2 rare outside California
3 endemic to California

State/Federal Listings of National Diversity Database (2000)
State listing
CE California state-listed, Endangered
CT California state-listed, Threatened
CR California state-listed, Rare
CC Candidate for California state listing
Federal listing
FE Federally-listed, Endangered
FT Federally-listed, Threatened
FPE Federally-Proposed, Endangered
FSC Federally-listed, Species of Concern

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