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Rocks and Minerals

Dig around rock and mineral websites or entertain your brain the old-fashioned way with these books about gems and minerals.

Dinosaurs and Fossils

Explore the world of dinosaurs and other ancient reptiles in our lists of recommended books and web sites.

Discover more about finding fossils in this list of recommended reading.


Dive deep into shark websites or recommended reading about these mysterious and misunderstood creatures.

Maybe you've discovered You Want to Become a Marine Biologist. Read some serious and some not-so-serious advice from Greg Szulgit, a former Scripps Institute of Oceanography graduate student.

Natural History

Discover more about the natural world through one of the Museum's many family programs and children's classes.

For an introduction to the biodiversity of our region, see our online Field Guide to the Californias. We have illustrated guides to Fossils, Reptiles and Amphibians, Minerals, and Arthropods (especially butterflies). To learn more about fishes, marine invertebrates, marine mammals, and other animals and plants of the Baja California peninsula and the Sea of Cortés, check our Ocean Oasis Field Guide.

If you're trying to find a specific piece of natural history information, use our search engine for a full-text search of our website. If you'd like to browse around our site, the site index can lead you through its many nooks and crannies.

Still want more? Here are some tips on how to find information for yourself.

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