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San Diego Natural History Museum Website

Fossil Mysteries—the museum's newest permanent exhibition features fossils from this region.

Fossil Field Guidesfor advanced readers, these field guides give in-depth descriptions and information about regional fossil.

Fossil FAQs—answers to frequently asked questions about fossils.

Geologic Time Linefor advanced readers

Jurassic Park FAQs—sort fact from fiction in these answers to frequently asked questions about the science of Jurassic Park.

Other Websites

BBC: Age of the Dinosaurs—follow the rise and fall of dinosaurs, discover how animals and plants become fossils.

National Geographic: Dinosaur Eggs—hunt for dino eggs around the world; hatch them to see how embryos are exposed by researchers; see a model of how the embryos might have looked.

Natural History Museum, London: Dino Directory—explore this guide to 226 of the most well-described dinosaurs, including 934 images.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: Dinosaurs—for advanced readers. Explore dinosaur data, view slideshows of their fossil lab, and join a virtual dinosaur dig!

Sue at the Field Museum—meet the largest, most complete T. rex ever discovered.

UC Berkley: DinoBuzz—current topics concerning dinosaurs. Be sure to visit The Dinosauria for some basic facts about dinosaurs.

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