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People and Pets

Do's and Don'ts for Kids and Their Family Dog
From the American Kennel Club: Advice for parents and care-givers on how to make the most of the relationship between a child and a dog.

Safety Tips for Kids
From the American Kennel Club: Tips on how to avoid misunderstandings with your own or anyone else's dog.

WOOF! It's a Dog's Life
From PBS: Uncle Matty (Matthew Margolis) provides simple and effective training techniques, as well as advice on breaking problem habits.

Dogs and Wild Dogs

Animals A to Zoo: Canines
Discovery Channel's Animal Planet: This site offers several articles on the prescence of dogs throughout human history.

DOGS: Wolf, Myth, Hero & Friend
Los Angeles Natural History Museum: An in-depth exploration of dogs and the unique relationship between dogs and humans.

Evolution of the family dog
An ON SCIENCE article that summarizes Dr. Robert Wayne's research on wolves as the ancestors of dogs.

FBI Working Dogs
FBI: Find out about real working dogs. Meet service dog Fremont; search and rescue dogs, Annie, Bailey, Lady and Riley; narcotics detection dog, Axel; and chemical explosive dogs, Atwood, Darrell, Jake and Shirley.

How to Interpret Your Dog's Body Language, Facial Expressions and Vocalizations
Paws Across America: Illustrations and interpretations of common canine attitudes and how they are expressed.

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