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Baccharis salicifolia (Mulefat)
Carex obispoensis
Ceanothus tomentosus (Ramona Lilac)
Cryptantha utahensis (Scented Cryptantha) NEW!
Cylindropuntia ganderi (Gander's Cholla) NEW!
Deinandra fasciculata
Hazardia squarrosa
Jepsonia parryi (Coast Jepsonia) NEW!
Malosma laurina (Laurel Sumac)
Ranunculus sceleratus
Rhus integrifolia (Lemonadeberry)
Salix lasiolepis (Arroyo Willow)
Salvia apiana (White Sage)


Checklist of the Vascular Plants of San Diego County
Checklist of Cactaceae of San Diego County

Imperial County Floristic Lists
Mountain Springs Grade
Black Mountain
Fish Creek Mountains
Palo Verde Mountains

San Diego County Floristic Lists
Starfish Cove
Switzer Canyon

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Botany Classes
Frequently Asked Questions
Glossary of Plant Terms
Recommended Books on Botany
Southern CA Sources for Native and Succulent Plants

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Botany Type Specimen Collection—Searchable Database
Plant Atlas Project

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The Moreton Bay Fig at our north entrance

Frequent Flora: Baccharis
Wildflowers: 2003 Reports
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Research Explorations

Agua Verde–Punta Mechudo Expedition of 2003

Photo credits: Malosma laurina, Liz Paegel

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