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Female Tidarren sisyphoides spider,  Jim Berrian
Adult female

Tidarren sisyphoides



Females (total length 5.8-8.6mm) of this species are distinctly longer than the males(total length 1.2-1.4mm). The carapace is tan to an orangish tan. The legs appear banded. The abdomen is yellow-brown with various tranverse bands and markings; a large dorsal dark marking is usually present about mid-abdomen.

Range and Habitat

This spider occurs in the southern United States from the east to west coast and ranges south into Baja California, Mexico. San Diego County records show this spider occurs in coastal habitats but it may be more widespread. Tidarren is a common spider that can be found in webs on walls, cliff faces, and in gardens.

Natural History

The web is messy and irregular in shape with a retreat made of plant debris.

Related and Similar Species

Achaearanea is similar but has a small dorsal spot and a pair of chevrons on the upper abdomen.


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Text by Jim Berrian. Photo © Jim Berrian.

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