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Jury Trial
California Science Standard: Investigation and Experimentation--4th grade 6c; 5th grade 6h; 6th grade 7a, d, e

Cartoon of T. REX ON TRIAL

    To use a "jury trial" format to compare evidence and draw conclusions.

    Resource books and websites. See resource list for suggestions.

    Stage a trial to determine if Tyrannosaurus rex was guilty of being a predatory murderer or an innocent opportunistic scavenger. Research the characteristics of predators and scavengers. Research the distinguishing characteristics of T. rex. Conduct a trial to decide whether T. rex was a predator as charged or a scavenger. Choose a judge, defense and prosecuting attorneys, and jury. Assign class members to conduct research, act as court reporters, etc.

Illustration © 2002 Kokoro Dinosaurs

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