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Comparative Anatomy
California Science Standards: Life Science--3rd grade 3a, e; Earth Science--2nd grade 3d; Investigation and Experimentation--4th grade 6c, 5th grade 6h

Carnivores usually have curved, sharp teeth.
   • Circle the teeth that belong to a carnivore.

Three sketches of dinosaur skulls

Hands with sharp, curved claws are useful for catching prey.
   • Circle the arms that would be good for catching prey.

Illustrations of two different dinosaur claws

A tibia (shin bone) about the same length as the femur (thigh bone) indicates a slow runner. A tibia longer than the femur indicates a fast runner.

   • Circle the leg bones that belong to the fast runner.
   Sketches of two different dinosaur leg bones
Eyes set close together provide good depth perception, useful for predators.

   • Circle the skull that shows eyes set close together.

      Sketch of cat head and horse head
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