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Natural Treasures: Past and Present - Tesoros Naturales del Pasado y Presente This exhibition closed September 5, 2005.
ammonite bighorn sheep
photo in a boojum forest photo of skull of kangaroo rat
questions photo of rattlesnake, B.Hollingsworth

Discover our region's FOSSIL TREASURES and changing life over time, from the Ice Ages to dinosaur times.

Discover our region's LIVING TREASURES and great diversity of life, from ocean to coast, mountains, and desert.

Explore some of our Museum's 8.2 million SCIENTIFIC TREASURES that document our region's past and present.

Experience natural treasures in the field with help from FIELD TRIPS AND TIPS.

Do you have questions about our treasures? Check out our FAQs.

Natural Treasures: Past and Present is presented by The Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation with additional support provided by American Express Company, The Heller Foundation of San Diego, and The Arthur P. and Jeanette G. Pratt Memorial Fund.

Photo credits: Bighorn Sheep by Patricio Robles Gil, Boojums at Sunset by Bill Evarts, Rattlesnake by Bradford Hollingsworth

Natural Treasures