[SHARKS! Fact and Fantasy]

This exhibition closed on January 3, 1999.

Seriously dangerous and completely deadly -- that's how most of us think about sharks. And most of us are wrong. Find out why as we go under the sea for an in-depth look at "SHARKS! Fact and Fantasy." You can see the largest and most comprehensive exhibit ever mounted on these animals at the Museum, October 17, 1998 to January 3, 1999.

[Grey Reef Sharks, photo by Steve Drogin.]

Suit up for your visit with this preview of SHARKS! Fact and Fantasy.

KIDS! Swim over to Shark School where you can study some of San Diego's local sharks, angle out a few Shark FAQs, and tackle a couple of Fish and Games

Grey Reef Sharks photographed by Steve Drogin

The exhibit, "SHARKS! Fact and Fantasy" was created by the
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County,
and is supported by the National Science Foundation.

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