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Lumahai Love, ©Aaron Feinberg
Lumahai Love, ©Aaron Feinberg

Color of Water Photography Exhibition, The Ordover Gallery
at the San Diego Natural History Museum

February 5–May 1, 2011
Photography Exhibition The Ordover Gallery
at the San Diego Natural History Museum

See works by Abe Ordover, David Fokos, Steven Friedman, and Aaron Feinberg in this new exhibition located in The Ordover Gallery at the San Diego Natural History Museum.

The images of the featured photographer, Abe Ordover, capture colorful, swirling reflections of trees, rocks and sky that pulse with vibrancy, energy and light. Ordoverís water images become abstractions even though they are based on actual subject matter found in nature.

In contrast to the bright and colorful water photographs of Abe Ordover are the quiet, contemplative images of David Fokos. An accomplished contemporary photographer whose work is held in numerous museum collections, Fokos utilizes exposures that range from several minutes to an hour. Through this method Fokos is able to filter out the “noise” of movement and create a quiet realm of contemplation.

A calming, abstract view of water is presented by Steven Friedman, a native Canadian. Friedman utilizes blurred motion to create his imagery. From gentle blues and greens to bright oranges and yellows, Friedman’s work becomes linear bands of pigment as light on the water and in the sky changes throughout the day.

All artwork in The Ordover Gallery is for sale; a substantial portion of proceeds will benefit the Museum. The Ordover Gallery’s imagery and artists’ biographies can be viewed at


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