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Activities Online Credits

Who Moved the Body?—a dinosaur puzzle

Design and development: Nancy Owens-Renner and Debbie Walden
Flash/website programming: Linda West
Illustrations: Duke Windsor

What Am I?—an interactive study of the fossil evidence

Content development: Sara Aglietti, Lynett Gillette, Nancy Owens-Renner, Katharine Silverman, Jim Stone, and Debbie Walden
Content review: Dr. Thomas Deméré
Flash/website programming: Linda West

Armored Dinosaur Dig Site: Paleontology Staff
American Alligator, Jim Stone
Ankylosaur and nodosaur models, Tim Murray
Cuyamaca Lake: Dr. Michael J. Walawender
Cycads: Jim Melli
Dawn Redwood: Courtesy of the Missouri Botanical Garden PlantFinder
Erosion, Courtesy of the American Geological Institute
Gila Monster Skull: Bradford Hollingsworth
Sea Lettuce: Jim Stone
All other photographs: François Gohier

Duke Windsor