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Exhibit Highlights

Dinosaur Unit Outline and Standards Correlations

Dinosaur Background

Dinosaurs in the Exhibit

Dinosaurs and Southern California


Pre-visit Activities

Museum Visit Worksheet A

Museum Visit Worksheet B

Post-visit Activities



Dinosaur Unit Outline

Pre-visit Activities


  • Arrange for chaperones-one for every 6-8 students and give them the chaperone guidelines.
  • Use the enclosed background material, worksheets and suggested activities to introduce The Dinosaurs of the Jurassic Park: The Lost World.
  • Copy enough Museum Visit Activity Sheets for your class. Select the questions you want your students to answer. You may wish to work in cooperative groups with one worksheet for every 4-6 students. For the purpose of answering questions you might assign one area of the exhibit to each group and one dinosaur for field investigation. For example: Group 1 enjoys the entire exhibit, but only answers questions related to the Jurassic time and investigates Dilophosaursus. Back at school each group reports its findings to the entire class.

Student Activities

  • Word Search I
  • Word Search II
  • Dino Zip
  • Dinosaurs and Evolution
  • Dinosaurs and Interdisciplinary Activities

Museum-bound Preparation

  • Bring a pencil and clip board or other firm surface for writing. Ask chaperones to act as recorders for younger students.
  • Review Museum Manners with students.
  • Before entering the Museum, divide class into cooperative groups. Assign a chaperone to each group. Make sure each group understands which area they are investigating.

The Exhibit "The Dinosaurs of Juassic Park:The Lost World"

Answer the questions on the Museum Visit Worksheets. Enjoy the exhibit.

Post-visit Activities

Use the information from your worksheets to answer the post-visit questions. Some of these questions are designed with higher level thinking skills in mind. Therefore, answers may vary. Review the background information to help answer the questions.

California Content Standards

Completion of the pre-visit, Museum visit and post-visit activities will satisfy portions of the following California Science Content Standards.

Life Science grades K-4, 6, 7
Earth Science grades K, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7
Investigation and Experimentation grades K-8

The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park: The Lost World was produced by Dinosaur Exhibitions, LLC, under the direction of "Dino" Don Lessem, and in partnership with Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment. The exhibition was designed by Museum Design Associates. Jurassic Park and Lost World are trademarks of Universal City Studios and Amblin Entertainment.

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