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Earth, Wind & WILDFIRE

This exhibition closed April 1, 2007

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Listen and Learn – Recorded Lectures Wildfire approaching homes in San Diego's wildland-urban interface. Photo by Richard W. HalseyRelated Programs

     •  The Fire Environment
        - Fire Basics by Michael Scott,
          Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District
        - Local Habitats by Mark Dodero, RECON Environmental
        - Local Fire Ecology by Richard W. Halsey,
          California Chaparral Institute
          (85 minutes).

    •   Building Materials and Design
          by Cliff Hunter, Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District (52           minutes).

    •   Home and Community Site Design / Survivable Space and Fuel Management
          by Terrance Lien, City of San Diego, Development Services (32 minutes).

Photo by Richard W. Halsey