[BEARS: Imagination and Reality.  At the San Diego Natural History Museum from October 21, 2000 through January 2, 2001.]

This exhibition closed January 4, 1998.

Exhibition Overview
Consisting of five sections, this exhibition challenges visitors to develop an informed perspective on the relationship between bears and people.

The American Black Bear
This illustrated guide describes the American black bear, where it ranges, and how it behaves in the wild.

Bear Sign
Learn how to recognize bear tracks, scat, and other bear sign.>

If You Encounter a Bear
Although the black bear is generally harmless to people except when wounded or protecting its young, there are some things you should and should not do if you encounter a bear.

Sightings and Status of the Black Bear
In the last four years bears have become more visible in San Diego County. So much so that recent sightings are more numerous than sightings over the last 30 years.

Teacher's Guide
Introduce your students to the world of bears, using background information and activities developed in conjunction with the exhibition by the Science Museum of Minnesota.

[BEARS: Imagination and Reality.]

We thank our generous sponsors of Bears: Imagination and Reality

The Scripps Family Foundation

The Rice Family Foundation

The Strauss Family Foundation

and the
California Department
of Fish and Game

for their
curatorial assistance.

BEARS: Imagination and Reality was produced by The Science Museum of Minnesota, and is sponsored by major grants from the National Science Foundation, the Great Bear Foundation of Montana, and Norwest Banks, N.A.

All specimens in the exhibition were obtained as salvage specimens from agencies throughout the United States; no bears were harmed in the creation of these exhibits.

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