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ID Number: ED-100-0900
Specimen Name: Black Phoebe

ID Number: ED-100-0071
Specimen Name: Black Turnstone

ID Number: ED-100-0049
Specimen Name: Black-crowned Night Heron

ID Number: ED-100-0158
Specimen Name: Black-headed Grosbeak

ID Number: ED-100-0285
Specimen Name: Black-headed Grosbeak Eggs

ID Number: ED-100-0058
Specimen Name: Black-legged Kittiwake

ID Number: ED-100-0148
Specimen Name: Indian Jay

ID Number: ED-100-0224
Specimen Name: Bonaparte's Gull

ID Number: ED-100-0092
Specimen Name: Brandt's Cormorant

ID Number: ED-100-0085
Specimen Name: Brant

ID Number: ED-100-0234
Specimen Name: Brant

ID Number: ED-100-0165
Specimen Name: Brewer's Blackbird

ID Number: ED-100-0384
Specimen Name: Brewer's Blackbird eggs

ID Number: ED-100-0079
Specimen Name: Brown Pelican

ID Number: ED-100-0298
Specimen Name: Brown Thrasher Eggs

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