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In keeping with the mission, our website is a growing source of natural history information for our region: from Southern California to the tip of the Baja California peninsula and the Sea of Cortés. This function of the website is one that we’ll be building—especially in our Field Guide to the Californias—for years to come.

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With the exception of photographs and artwork, permission is granted to copy content of this site for private noncommercial use, as long as proper attribution is given. Permission to use photographs and artwork may be sought from the copyright owner. For San Diego Natural History Museum permission and use, see San Diego Natural History Museum Image Request form. Credits are listed at the bottom of each page. Some contact information is provided on our Acknowledgements page.

Please send any questions to and include the URL (web address) of the page you are referencing.

A Note for Parents and Teachers

One of our goals is to make this site a tool to help educators and children learn about the natural world around them. Be sure to look over our Kids' Habitat, which has materials developed specifically for children, as well as links to pertinent subjects elsewhere on this site and on the Web.

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